Iranian-American Painter


At age 21, Sepahpour is the youngest painter Simard Bilodeau Contemporary has taken under its wing as emerging artist. Born and raised in Teheran, Iran, she comes from a family that has always been open to the world and its different cultures. Art became a passion for her at 8 years old when she had her first awakening. Once it was time to enter college, her parents sent her to study in Switzerland to offer their daughter the best education possible. At school, she had the opportunity to have a very critical art teacher, pushing her further in technique and her creation process. When she started painting with one continuous line on the canvas, British tutor Preece told her that she had something interesting going on, which provoked a spark into her creative mind. Exploring this element, it allowed her to discover a new world of artistic experiments.

In 2015, she seized the opportunity to continue her studies at LCAD in California, where all of her family joined her to start a new life. Yalda’s studies in CA, allow her to refine her technical skills in traditional style painting, as it is perceived by many conventional critics that a great artist needs to master the great master’s technique in order to get true artistic recognition. She embraces this process and those who create realism style paintings with a focus on technique, and she is proving to be exceptional at it. She finds her true inspiration is the opposite of what is being taught at the academia, as it reveals to her who she is, her values, what she wants to embrace and convey, her true inspiration. It is in fact the principles of imperfection that nourishes her creativity the most.

It is the woman’s unique strength and inner beauty that Yalda is depicting with her series of works presenting feminine nude women holding weapons. It is her way of reminding current events that take place around the world today, outside America, that are unacceptable, inhumane and that need immediate resolution. It is her own and personal way of honoring her understanding of feminism, the quest for equality in rights. It is an ode to the true fighters such as Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by the Talibans for continuing her schooling after it was declared that women were not allowed an education in Afghanistan; and these Kurdish women physically combating ISIS as we speak. It is those true brave warriors that Sepahpour is depicting and honoring in her works, in hope for change. The female painter pays tribute to those women heroes that do sacrifice their lives to improve the women’s rights and conditions.

It is through this continued black line initiating by her artistic instinct from one side of the canvas in different shapes and forms to the other side that Yalda finds the blue print of what she will be expressing further in oil colors, pastels and other mediums, in creating powerful artworks. Throughout her body of work, Sepaphour is celebrating the differences between two genders, highlighting the power and magnificence that is unique to feminity.