American Painter


Harmonia Rosales was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1984. Her home life was rich, filled with watching her mother create art, listening to her Cuban father’s salsa music, and frequent trips to the Art Institute of Chicago. The artistic seed was planted early on as she sat under her mother’s art table and copied her every movement.

Rosales, a self-taught artist, has picked up techniques through acute observation of paintings, noticing things like the precise shade of green used for veins. She identifies as an observer, which has contributed to her now innate sense of anatomy, bone structure, and light play. Her observation combined with her intuition, guide her painting style and allow her to create without outlines.

After divorcing her college sweetheart and having the responsibility of caring for two kids as a single mother, Rosales found empowerment in setting a good example for them by doing what she loved- painting. She gained independence and discovered herself during this period.

Rosales’ painting style came into its own after a friend gave her a set of oil paints for Christmas, a medium she had previously forgone for acrylic paints. Rosales settled on a classical style after deciding to reject current trends towards abstract or photorealistic contemporary art.

Rosales hopes that her work will encourage the viewer to think about current issues, and that it will empower and uplift women, starting with her daughter. She aims to do good via her art and promote awareness of social iniquities. Her painting style signature is exceptional and the subjects she chooses have deep meaning.


Harmonia has commissioned works for the following celebrities:
  • Amar’e Stoudemire (The Melech Collection)
  • Kevin Seraphin (NBA)
  • Glenn Robinson iii (NBA)
  • Glen Davis (former NBA)
  • Randy Foye (NBA)