Canadian Painter


“Each of my paintings is like a fruit, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes rough, sometimes soft, feeding the eyes and the hearts of those who look at them…”


Born in Montreal, Canada, Bauçan is a poet of images, music and words. Self-taught, he left college to dedicate himself to his art. In his twenties, he founded an art group Le Cénacle de l’Étendard, who published poetry books. He wrote and published two books as well as participated in many collective works with other poets that have been published as well. Between readings of poetry, he recorded an album under an independent label and produced a short films .

Eager for adventure, he explored the Baffin Island and hitch hiked across Canada. At 24 years old, during his first trip to Europe, his paintings were exhibited at an art gallery in Pont-Aven, Brittany (the same town where Gauguin lived). Bauçan is a nomad having lived in different countries throughout America, Europe and Asia. He never settles down as experiencing life in foreign nations becomes part of his renewed inspiration nourish by the different experiences he is exposed to, differences in culture and language; and people he meets.

At the beginning of his career, he painted people and landscapes to realize that the mind is the enemy of the painter. He felt that the more he was thinking about what he needed to do, the more the movement of colors on the canvas was risking to be weak. The more he paints with instinct, the stronger his work is. He also realized the lines he drew before were obstructions to his impulse of movements of colors. For these reasons, he decided to paint without drawing or having ideas in mind to be able to create paintings with as much energy, liberty and authenticity as possible. Each tree is perceived as a piece of art for him, because it gets its energy from nature. It is from that principle that after 5 years, he decided to create essentially with his instinct. Spontaneously without sketching, he throws colors on the canvas, creating different shapes and stains from which he develops and imaginary world.

His paintings were exhibited at the Art Expo in New York, Paris, Brussels, Bordeaux, Nantes, Chicago, Texas, Toronto, Calgary, Dinard (France), Nice, Brest, Toulouse, Cologne (Germany), Kyoto (Japan), China, Hong Kong and Montreal, Canada. We can see his paintings in many T.V. shows and also movies like in the American film Beyond Borders with Angelina Jolie. Art critics have said about him: “Bauçan is a painter of force, power and strength, with a painting style that is unique to him, making this artist an exceptional abstract painter, leaving an imprint.”


List of distinguished exhibitions and awards:


  • Group exhibition at the National Library of Quebec, Canada- 1998
  • Exhibit at the National show of Art Galeries of Quebec, Canada- 2000
  • Art Expo New York- 2001
  • Won the first prize at the Painting Festival of Mascouche, Canada- 2001
  • Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2016
  • LA Art Show 2017; and many more.