“The Examiner” Article about the collaboration between The Hyatt Newport and Simard Bilodeau Galerie

SIMARD BILODEAU GALERIE is excited to announce the beginning of a collaboration with the landmark Hyatt Regency Hotel in Newport. Since June 21st and all summer long, the newly remodelled resort will be showcasing some of our notable masterpieces as part of “The Newport Art Collection by Galerie Simard Bilodeau”. “The Examiner” featured the collaboration: The Examiner Art and Music

SIMARD BILODEAU GALERIE est enchantée d’annoncer la collaboration entre le fameux Hotel Hyatt Regency à Newport. Depuis le 21 Juin, et tout l’été durant, le complexe recemment rénové présentera quelques uns de nos chefs-d’oeuvre faisant parti de “la Newport Art Collection par Simard bildeau Galerie”. “The examiner” traite de cette collaboration: The Examiner Art and Music

Aniela Guyot
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