Simard Bilodeau Contemporary is a recognized Fine Art gallery based in Los Angeles, CA, USA and Shanghai, China, that features an exceptional collection of contemporary sculptures and paintings.

Since 2011, French Canadian proprietors Simard and Bilodeau have participated in many prominent art fairs, including: Art Beijing, Shanghai Art Fair, Los Angeles Art Show and others in Hong Kong, Macao, Miami and Toronto. The art passionate owners are committed to presenting a select group of world-renowned artists and emerging artists. The gallery thrives to embark on art projects; exhibitions and collaborations with high profiled institutions, offering their artists outstanding exposure and the collectors continuously increased credentials and value for their investments.

With great success in USA and China, and two permanent locations, we are dedicated to explore the world markets of art, offering our clientele the best artworks that our journey allow us to discover. With high-standards and strict criteria, the artists we select have credentials, aesthetics qualities and exceptional skills; each of them offering their own perspective on actual and envisioned cultural and philosophical principles.


Eve-Marie Bilodeau & Guy Simard


Eve-Marie Bilodeau, co-founder and director of Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, has a deep passion for sharing art, as she and her husband Guy Simard were initially art collectors.  They are dedicated to exploring the world markets of art.  Their mission is to travel the globe by presenting and offering the exceptional works of art to their collectors.

The gallery owners have chosen an exclusive group of artists who have an innate long-term value and that will live through generations to come.  With high-standards and strict criteria, those artists have been selected for their impressive credentials, aesthetics and talent. The gallery owners are motivated by pushing the limits and to explore the art markets always further and grander.

Their continued intention is to create a fulfilling personalized VIP experience for their gallery visitors and clients.  They believe that art acquisitions should be determined by one’s connection with the artwork.  Simard and Bilodeau aim to develop a lasting and meaningful relationship with the collectors.  They truly believe that art collecting is a passion that brings happiness and profound joy to people and can fulfill a passion that can sustain an entire lifetime, and generations to come.


1923 S. Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90021

The Peninsula, 14th Floor, 32 The Bund
Shanghai, China, 200002