It features an unparalleled collection of bronze sculptures, sculptural installations and original paintings by living Western museum artists. French Canadian proprietors, Simard and Bilodeau, have participated in many prominent art fairs, including: Art Beijing, Shanghai Art Fair, Los Angeles Art Show and others in Hong Kong, Macao, Miami and Toronto. They are committed to representing a select group of world-renowned artists. Their permanent collection presents blue-chip master sculptors and painters such as: Ira Reines, ML Snowden, Renzo, Tuan, Boban, A. Desjardins, Arian , Saturno Butto, and C. Bennett.


Galerie Simard Bilodeau found particular success in China over the past three years. Fall 2014 was busy with an exclusive fine art exhibition at The Peninsula Shanghai followed by participation in the Shanghai Art Fair for the third consecutive year. Galerie Simard Bilodeau attracted the attention of prominent Chinese media agencies, political dignitaries and significant collectors. The Chinese appreciation for bronze sculptures and fine oil paintings have allowed Galerie Simard Bilodeau to expand to a permanent exhibition location in Shanghai. In fact, in collaboration with The Peninsula Shanghai they have opened an exhibition space on their 14th floor in October 2015. The gallery has also created an impressive monumental sculpture garden in collaboration with the Shanghai Art Fair 2015, allowing them to solidify their international reputation as a leader in bronze sculptures and fine art. This was the first time that such a grand installation has been presented.


Passionate about the role of fine art within society, and recognizing the simultaneous power and responsibility of fine art to not only comment upon, but also improve, the human condition, the gallery owners’ mission is also to give back by supporting, hands on, multiple humanitarian projects in USA, Canada, Vietnam and China.


Eve-Marie Bilodeau & Guy Simard


Eve-Marie Bilodeau, co-founder and director of Galerie Simard Bilodeau, has a deep passion for sharing art, as her and her husband Guy Simard were initially art collectors. It is this eager that brought them to go further by opening an unparalleled sophisticated exhibition space of 5,000 square foot in picturesque Laguna Beach, California, USA.  The signature gallery’s collection of limited edition bronze sculptures and original paintings is incomparable. Guy Simard, a charismatic art connoisseur, who is the co-founder of Galerie Simard Bilodeau, is a dynamic businessman and art collector, who tightly collaborates with his long life partner, Eve-Marie Bilodeau. Together, they share their knowledge and expertise of art to the world through their gallery and art fair exhibitions they attend all over the world.


They are dedicated to exploring the world markets of art.  Their mission is to travel the globe by presenting and offering the exceptional works of the 10 artists from their permanent collection.  The gallery owners have chosen an exclusive group of predominately American and European Master Painters and Master Sculptors who have an innate long-term value and that will live through generations to come.  With high-standards and strict criteria, those artists have been selected for their impressive credentials, aesthetics and talent: Ira Reines, Mary Louise Snowden, Larry Renzo Lewis, Tuan Nguyen, Boban Ilic, André Desjardins, Saturno Butto and Mark Arian. The gallery owners are motivated by pushing the limits and explore the art markets always further and grander.  


Until now, Mrs. Bilodeau and Mr. Simard have successfully achieved to repeatedly exhibit in prestigious art fairs such as Los Angeles Art Show, Art Beijing, Shanghai Art Fair and others in Hong Kong, Macao, Miami, New York and Toronto. These high profiled events attract the most upscale art collectors who travel the world with the intention of expanding their collection. It has been the opportunity for them to meet the most interesting art connoisseurs that appreciate the caliber of art that they present and that keeps following them for years to come.  As their success in China is progressing very fast with a high quality of returning established art collectors, Galerie Simard Bilodeau is also in the process of opening a permanent gallery in Shanghai.


Simard and Bilodeau are involved with many charities in North America and Asia, as one of their other strong interests is their care and commitment to philanthropy.  It is their way to give back and to create balance in life.  They continuously combine their passion for art and charity by organizing fundraising events for various worthy essential causes as they feel that “they both speak the language of the heart”.  They not only support large established reputable non-profit foundations, but also create their own charity projects, to help improve the quality of life of those in needs.  


Their continued intention is to create a fulfilling personalized VIP experience for their gallery visitors and clients.  They believe that art acquisitions should be determined by one’s connection with the artwork.  Simard and Bilodeau aim to develop a lasting and meaningful relationship with the collectors.  They truly believe that art collecting is a passion that brings happiness and profound joy to people and can fulfill a passion that can sustain an entire lifetime, and generations to come.


1923 S. Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90021

The Peninsula, 14th Floor, 32 The Bund
Shanghai, China, 200002